We Asked The Stylist : Jennifer Kolomoni

Dubai-based stylist Jennifer Kolomoni shares her essential fashion items for a vacation wardrobe this season. From beach adventures to stylish evening ensembles for dining under the stars, she has you covered for all your summer plans.

Are any particular color or pattern trends popular for vacation outfits?

This summer, vibrant colors such as green, cobalt blue, and bright red will take the spotlight. Classic white will also make a statement, while gentle pastel hues like powder blue, yellow, and lilac offer a softer touch.

What accessories would you recommend to elevate a vacation look?

Elevate your vacation look with accessories like crochet hats, statement straw bags, chunky gold jewelry, as well as crystals, shells, and pearl necklaces with a crafty touch. And, of course, don't forget to bring along stylish sunglasses to complete your ensemble.

Can you suggest versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched for different vacation occasions?

When it comes to versatile pieces that effortlessly mix and match for various vacation occasions, opt for sets that work well by the pool, for sightseeing, or for comfortable travel. I personally wore a set paired with sneakers while exploring the city and alternatively wore it over my bikini for a pool day.

What are the must-have fashion items for a vacation wardrobe this season?

For your vacation wardrobe this season, make sure to include essential fashion items like crochet knitwear, maxi dresses, and maxi skirts. A standout piece I adore is the Jen crochet black & white dress with its artsy cord appliqué, adding a unique touch to your look.