This week we speak with Nadine Zidani, a visionary leader, purpose-driven entrepreneur, and passionate sustainability and climate activist. She empowers organizations to adopt conscious practices that drive positive change on multiple fronts.

Can you share a bit about your journey as a sustainability and climate activist and what led you to become passionate about this cause?

My path towards becoming a sustainability and climate activist was far from predestined. Initially, I followed a conventional career trajectory, earning an engineering diploma and steadily climbing the corporate ladder for over a decade. Though my achievements seemed commendable, I always sensed a deep void within, knowing that I wasn't truly making a significant impact. However, the pandemic served as a wake-up call, forcing me to confront my own shadow and recognize the perpetuation of inequalities, climate disasters and consumerism that were harming both our planet and its people. At the same time, I realized the significant power held by the business world and its inadequate response to these issues. This realization sparked my journey as an activist, empowering individuals and organizations to create positive environmental and social impacts.

What are some of the key environmental challenges or issues that you are focused on addressing through your profession?

An important challenge I confront is persuading people to recognize that we are intrinsically linked to the environment—it is not an abstract concept detached from our existence. We are an integral part of nature and must safeguard it as one of our most precious gifts. By fostering a connection between ourselves and our environment, we can assume the role of stewards of nature and take responsibility for our impact. My role encompasses fostering widespread awareness and instilling a sense of care among individuals regarding their environmental footprint, both in their personal lives and professional endeavors.

How do you engage with companies and inspire them to take action towards sustainability?

I use various approaches to engage with companies and support their sustainability journey. A crucial method is through training and awareness initiatives. At my Sustainable Change-Makers Academy, I lead executives and employees on a personalized learning journey, including online courses, workshops, and coaching. I also guide them in integrating sustainability as a long-term strategic priority, creating a business impact model. To enhance credibility, I help them obtain esteemed international certifications and develop conscious communication plans. Sustainability is an ongoing process, and I view it as a lasting partnership with the companies I collaborate with, working together to co-create a positive impact.

Can you highlight some of the most impactful initiatives or projects you have been involved in?

Every effort, regardless of its scale, has the potential to create a significant impact. When you sow the seeds of sustainability, it might take considerable time before you see the outcomes, but you can be certain that change will inevitably occur. I take immense pride in supporting startups in the Middle East as they aim to showcase their impact while building successful businesses. By guiding them on this purpose-driven journey, it paves the way for other businesses to follow suit. I firmly believe that when values align, extraordinary things happen! It is the fusion of challenges and impact that drives my work and keeps me motivated.

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