The Creatives: Ana D'Castro

Ana D’Castro is a Portuguese architect and visual artist. With a masters degree in Architecture, all her works are strongly influenced by a mathematical base set in the foundations of proportion, scale, volume and colour. From paintings to art installations, Ana’s work is often abstract and relies on the principle of deconstructing an element to its bare essence.

Ana’s goal is to achieve a symbiosis between Art and Architecture. Her use of colour is a direct association with the environment psychology; how geometry introduces movement and rhythm to the spaces, and site specific design installations that create multiple uses for an ordinary room.

“Colour must speak the language of the soul. It́ s within colour that one can express true emotion and a deep connection to all the data clustered inside our subconscious level. It’s like a beautiful waltz of colourful fragments that dance throughout the canvas, jumping freely from one painting to the other on a never ending journey of beauty.”

For more details: @ana_d.castro