The Bouguessa Voice: Rabah Saeid

Rabah Saeid, founder and creative director of STYLED HABITAT tells us what it takes to be a good designer and her signature design style.

1. What inspired you to start your own company, Styled Habitat?

I hadn’t planned to start my own business. I definitely didn't know much about starting or running a company. In 2016 I was losing inspiration and wanted to take a break and reflected on what attracted me to the interior design world in the first place. I knew I wanted a collaborative studio that was motivated by exploring interiors from a wide panel of cultural influences and styles that come together in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and sophisticated.
In late 2016 Styled Habitat was born on my dining table. I made many mistakes along the way, learned to fall, and get myself up again and again. Of course, I had my "tribe" around me, people that offered their advice and listening ear. I had to learn too many financial and business jargon. Today, I am proud of what we have accomplished and the identity we have carved out for Styled Habitat. As an award-winning interior design studio in D3, our success story is one of hard work, long nights, deadlines, and a shared sense of dedication to quality. We managed to attract great clients that share our passion for good design. 

2. What makes a good interior designer?

My job is to be a good listener and run the clients’ vision through my filter. Creating beauty through thoughtful design. I start by asking them how they want to feel, what story they want to tell.  Understanding context, scale, and hierarchy within a space are imperative to achieve balance. There must be a thoughtful mix of texture, history, and color.  Quieter details are necessary to ground bigger voices and create a moment for the eye to rest and absorb what’s surround it. Drama and mood are executed through a well-studied lighting design. At Styled Habitat, we create environments for people to expand their experiences. Our pursuit of both simplicity and refinement creates personal intimate spaces.

3. How would you define your signature style for both interiors and fashion?

In interiors; our surroundings are the canvas for expression. I have an endless curiosity for textures and materiality, I love the challenge of adhering to a tonal color palette, contrasting raw with refined, layering textures, and incorporating diverse periods of furniture to achieve a curated well-lived space. The thoughtful merger of form and function. It is also important to recognize the value of editing in order to achieve a contemplative space that is elegantly effortless.

Beauty elevates our energy; it elevates our mood whether it is fashion or interiors.  I see fashion, as similar to my interiors, it is about giving yourself the license to express all your various facets and roles we play. In developing my own personal style and approach, I look for form, functionality, and materiality. I love the contradiction of masculine and feminine language. I want to carry myself with confidence, so I can focus on the project at hand. Though fashion inspires me, I don't follow trends. I know what works for me and I respect that. I invest in a fashion piece that I can wear for years to come and in a variety of ways. Simplicity is the ultimate luxury.

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