Introducing Farah Tajeddin, the visionary behind Riyadh's most extraordinary events. As a multidisciplinary creative, she turns tables into canvases, curating surreal experiences inspired by classic art. With a passion for the magical, Farah's work, seasoned with global collaborations, defies convention and leaves audiences spellbound. Farah Tajeddin is now more inspired than ever to push creative boundaries, ensuring her curated brilliance continues to mesmerize audiences across the region.

How did the concept of 'The Art Supper' come about, and how does it reflect your personal creative journey and vision?

Since a young age, I've been an ardent art lover. Art isn't just a passion but an integral part of my lifestyle; I think and relate to it profoundly. Similarly, my love for food is akin to artistry, the blending of ingredients to craft a dish and the visual appeal of garnishing fascinates me. Greenhouses, markets, and ingredients have always intrigued me. Naturally, the fusion of these interests emerged, intertwining beautifully into my concept, 'The Art Supper'.

What do you find most fulfilling about the intersection of art and dining within your business, and how does this influence your connection with your audience and the artists you collaborate with?

What I personally find fulfilling is the storytelling aspect when curating these experiences. Guests often leave with new stories and perspectives, fostering heart-to-heart conversations that lead to new friendships.

What inspired you to blend the worlds of art and gastronomy within 'The Art Supper’?

The Last Supper has always been a wellspring of inspiration for me. Bringing people together over a meticulously crafted meal by a renowned chef and integrating art into the experience itself is a masterpiece. I'm thrilled to be the pioneer behind founding this concept The Art Supper.

How do you continue to nurture your creativity, and what advice would you give to aspiring creatives?

To me, creativity resides within, sparked by anything or anyone. I frequently draw inspiration from nature, exploring art galleries, and traveling. These experiences are my wellspring of creative inspiration.