The Bouguessa Voice: Morin Oluwole

Head of Luxury at Facebook, Morin Oluwole, talks to us about working in a male dominated industry, expressing who she is and her love for Nigerian fashion.

Explain what it means to be Head of Luxury at Facebook?

Myself and my team work with luxury brands around the world to help them translate their heritage and brand storytelling to a digital medium. We work with our partners to support their creative, marketing, media, measurement and innovation strategies on Facebook & Instagram. My objective is to ensure that our partners are able to express their unique brand point of view on our platforms and reach the consumers that are most relevant for them. And at the end of the day, we focus on proving that we are the best partners to drive their brand and business objectives.

How do you navigate being one of very few women working in the tech industry ?

This has always been my experience since I started my career in the tech world 15 years ago. I’ve always felt a liberty to express who I am and not shy away from my femininity, even in an environment surrounded by mostly men. That means anything from delivering on a key project just as well as my male colleague and wearing heels even when everyone else may be in sneakers. On a serious note, this is a key point that I’ve worked to address throughout my career, mentoring young women as it's not easy nor evident to understand how to play on your strengths and assert yourself when one is in an environment where they see few people who look like them.

You were born in Lagos and now live in Paris, what do you love most about fashion in both cities ?

Of course, my roots are in Nigeria so I am naturally attracted to the talent of artisans and talented designers who are exploring a level of creativity that is rooted in culture, food, and music. Nigerian designers are rethinking what it means to express their traditional roots with modern elements and innovative ways of developing textiles. A Nigerian woman will not leave her house without being fully dressed from head to toe – this is a way of living and presenting oneself to the public that still resonates with me to this day.


And in Paris, there is a certain ease and facility of fashion in Paris that cannot be denied. Paris is the city of cool girls, and she remains cool even if she is wearing a ball gown or jeans with sneakers. Paris is a city in which you’re most chic and most fashionable if you don’t do too much. In Paris, having the loudest sense of fashion is not what counts, elegance is what counts.  

Favorite pieces from the FW21 collection?

I’ve been a fan of Bouguessa for several years now and I love the long, clean, elegant lines that are characteristic of the brand. This olive trompe l’oeil coat is one of my favourite pieces from the collection – I love that it is so versatile, easy and no-fuss. You can throw it on with anything from a white tee to an evening dress and it adds a sense of ease to any look. Olive is also a great color to complement my skin. 

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