3 Ways to wear the Jennifer Oversized Stripped Shirt

Look 1: Daily Errands Chic

For those busy days filled with errands or casual outings, opt for a chic yet practical ensemble. Pair the Jennifer oversized striped shirt with the Type 01 jeans and classic white sneakers. This combination offers comfort and style, making it perfect for daily activities on the go. To add a pop of color and extra flair, layer with the blue Jennifer shirt and accessorize with the mini Ounassa handbag and some loafers for a versatile and effortlessly stylish look.

Look 2: Coordinated Vacation Ensemble

When it's time to unwind and embrace a relaxed vibe, pair the Jennifer striped shorts along with the matching oversized shirt for a coordinated look that exudes vacation ease. Whether lounging poolside at a resort or exploring a new destination, this outfit strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Look 3: Casual Friday Elegance

For a casual yet elegant touch, leave the Jennifer shirt unbuttoned over a tank top and pair it with beige pants. This ensemble transitions effortlessly from the office to after-work drinks, offering a sophisticated look with a relaxed twist, ideal for those casual Fridays or laid-back evenings out. For a pop of colour accessorize with the Ounassa handbag in red.