Expressing oneself is human nature and art is often used as a form of self expression. For Spring Summer 2022, Faiza Bouguessa wanted to nourish her creativity and explore this further by translating her inspiration through an artistic performance.


Louise Hadj started her career in Paris as a professional dancer. She curated her own universe in which she dances her emotions and influences by connecting her urban foundations to her geometrical lines and movements mixed with her femininity. Louise wishes to bring her vision to the world and combine her two passions, dance and fashion, as an art form in its own right.

Ablaye Diop started dancing from childhood, beginning with the traditional Senegalese rhythms and then moving into electro dance. Dancer, choreographer and artistic director, Ablaye describes his dance as "hybrid", influenced by the different styles that he has nourished over time.

Rebirth Art is everywhere, especially in nature. We have explored natures cycle and the natural elements that demonstrate their own self expression and what that means for our life on earth during the current global climate.

Nourish Nourishing the mind and liberating the soul through artistic expression allows emotions to flow. Art is an act of freedom and offers an escapism that allows you to connect with your inner self.

Let the mind shed the shell of who you once were. It is time for you to understand the power that lies within you. This is your rebirth.

There is beauty in letting go. Letting go of the needless elements and feelings that weigh heavily on the heart will result in a clearer mind and lighter soul.

To find peace is to listen to the silence, to see the beauty in simplicity. To live the moment is the essence of happiness.


Choregraphers/Dancers Louise Hadj and Ablaye Diop
Model Laura B
Creative Director Faiza Bouguessa
Director/Brand consultant Sally Matthews
Film Augusta Quaynor
Photography Emilia Valerio
Makeup/Hair Artist Melanie Meyer
Bouguessa Team Kiran, Addis, Hazel, Hanadi