Fall Winter 2023

The essence of the Bouguessa FW23 collection is a mesmerizing journey back to the dynamic era of the early 90s, meticulously woven with contemporary craftsmanship and intricate detailing. This collection reimagines volumes and sharp lines, bestowing you with an array of versatile choices that seamlessly integrate into the tapestry of our daily lives.

Within this collection, an organic balance is struck between the art of tailoring, the fluidity of soft drapes, and the precision of sharp lines—an exquisite fusion that defines the season's distinctive character.

Intriguing, alluring, and grounded in artistry, the Bouguessa FW23 collection is an embodiment of the harmonious interplay between heritage and modernity—a resplendent tapestry of textures, tones, and tales waiting to be discovered.

As a momentous highlight, the FW23 collection sees the debut of the Bouguessa signature denim range. This exceptional offering comprises three unisex silhouettes, all expertly crafted in Italy. With a spectrum ranging from classic denim shades to the timeless allure of camel and black, this denim line is designed to captivate and empower.

Discover the opulent allure of furry oversized coats, the timeless elegance of tweel fabric, and the textured charm of bouclé—weaved harmoniously with the ethereal embrace of light weight jerseys and the crisp refinement of popelines. This carefully selected mix of textures forms the foundation for a palette imbued with earthy hues, evoking a connection to the very essence of nature.