About the collection

This season bouguessa steps out of the signature black and white tones to move towards a more colorful palette.

What does chromatic mean? It is the visual representation of colors sensibly arranged according to their chromatic relationship and forming a unity in a color wheel.

For bouguessa, chromatic represents the diversity of women through their skin colors, body shapes and the different facets of their personality. It is a modern definition of femininity that emphasizes on the diverse shades and forms of beauty which, make women united like the chromatic wheel. United by their differences and by their love of a certain aestheticism; the bouguessa aesthetic, minimalist and chic.

The chromatic collection offers fine tailoring, statement outerwear and elevated basics for a winter wardrobe that is both soft and strong, channeling elements of modern femininity.

Everything blends together. The house never moves away from its dna and transcribes it into oversized volumes, straight cuts, structured but not rigid silhouettes, and a certain fluidity for freedom of movement.

The modern woman has the ability to show a soft side with the light pink pajama or the crepe long trench, while at the same time, demonstrating strength with the oversized plain long coat or the two-tone cargo pants.

The chromatic collection allows each woman to make the pieces her own with its rich gradient of colors and offers an infinite number of stylistic possibilities.