The Bouguessa Voice: Patricia Millns

As part of our exclusive interviews celebrating women, Bouguessa speaks with Patricia Millns about life, success, and art. 

Avant-garde, sleek, unnervingly intuitive, these are but a few of the words one could use to describe the art maven that is; Patricia Millns. A resident of Dubai for over three decades, British artist Patricia Millns has championed the modern art movement in the region and carries a treasure trove of experiences.

What can you share with us about your journey on becoming an artist?

I don’t believe one becomes an artist, it is one's very nature. I was groomed towards science but I fought to pursue art. It is my very life, my breath, my raison d’etre.

I completed my degrees in Fine Art and a Masters in Art and Design History and to be elected a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts in UK was an honour but, the real part of being an artist comes with the journey of life itself. Being curious, visually aware and building a practice through work is a continuum.

Light & Shadow is our first resorts collection which is inspired by contemporary art, do you ever feel inspired by fashion and how do you think art, architecture & fashion are linked?

The old boundaries between Fine and Applied Arts are so outdated. I believe in creativity and freedom to express one's concepts in whatever medium is required. No restrictions. My source of inspiration has been the adornment and cultural heritage of the region. Clothing inspires so many artists. High fashion takes clothing to a different level and can link with art and design movements in many ways.

Art architecture and fashion are all creative solutions. As my work is space specific I like to place my works within architectural considered areas This usually is outside of galleries. To work with a fashion designer whose practice is likewise inspirational is ideal.

Your work is very monochromatic, why is that? Did you ever use color in your work?

My work is based on concepts of space, intervals, and repetition of imagery. It is increasingly minimal. As I believe in the surface being an illusion and there for us to enter into what really matters colour would form a distraction. Colour for me now is superfluous. I did use color earlier in my work when my concepts required it.

What is your definition of success?

Success is a very subjective concept.  Inner success matters more to me that external success. As I get older what seemed important once now really doesn’t matter but that’s a personal process of realization that through time one has to go through.

Describe your style, how do the clothes you wear impact your confidence?

I think describing one’s style is something other people do. It’s an externally viewed concept. My clothes don’t impact my confidence as confidence is within but my clothes are an uncontrived extension of myself so they form a part of that. Clothing can be a superbly joyous way to express oneself.

What’s your philosophy to live a successful and happy life?

I actually don’t spend time thinking on this… Time gives one a certain perspective on life where one just ‘is’. Everything falls into place naturally if one has a secure foundation and a spiritual base. 

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