The Bouguessa Voice: An interview with Hanan Al Mahmoud

The first of many exclusive interviews celebrating women, Bouguessa speaks with Hanan al Mahmoud on the special occasion of Emirati Women’s Day. An incredible woman all-around, we spoke with Hanan about keeping the perfect balance between work and family, the definition of a great female leader and how the clothing a woman wears can have a positive impact on her confidence and mood as she faces the day.

Hanan al Mahmoud is the Director of Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Center in Sharjah, a leading establishment dedicated to organising and hosting economic and community events and activities in Sharjah and the UAE. In addition to her full-time position as Director, she is also actively involved in a multitude of social causes across the country. Hanan sits on the Administrative Board of the Sharjah Sports Council, is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Sharjah Sports Family Award, a photographer and a writer. But, most importantly, Hanan is a mother of three beautiful children, who manages to put her family first all the while maintaining her role as a strong and successful leader at work.

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

The key is time planning. Give each the appropriate time it deserves and the amount of attention it needs depending on that given time. There will obviously be compromise on both sides but it’s important that neither dominates the other. At times your family/friends will need you more, at other times work demands more of you. One should never lose that healthy balance, and most importantly, allow time for reflection and self-care.

Define a great female leader:

She is a woman who inspires. Who exudes a remarkable mixture of compassion, passion, dedication, professionalism and respect, and who is able to lead her team through the most challenging times with stellar strength, patience, and wisdom. A great female leader helps each member of her team to be the best they can, empowers them, and inspires them to grow in every way possible.

Tell us the traits you believe great female leaders posses:

Consistency, empathy, critical thinking, effective team building, time planning, coaching, charisma, humbleness, and a sense of humor!

Describe your style, how do the clothes you wear impact your confidence?

I’m in love with anything classic with an edgy twist. At work I prefer plain and textured fabrics, and may experiment with color blocking in matching pieces for boldness and strength. Structured cuts, shoulder pads and piping, are all amongst my favorites. Anything with pockets and belts are great for adding a little fun.
Overall, your clothes can either empower you or weigh you down, so a workingwoman should always assure she never leaves the house unless she’s proud of her OOTD.

What is your connection with the Bouguessa brand?

Bouguessa speaks for me. I’ve always told Faiza I’m proud of her for finding the perfect balance between modesty and couture. I own more than 40 pieces from the brand and have been an absolute fan since the very first collection. When I’m wearing a Bouguessa piece, I feel empowered and ready to take on any challenge, and that to me is priceless.
Shop Hanan’s top picks (featured in the image gallery) from the Autumn Winter 2018/2019 collection online now. For more outfit inspiration, view the campaign and lookbook here.
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