Holiday Essentials: The Bouguessa Guide

Whether you’re holidaying in the city or travelling abroad these are the four Bouguessa essentials you need for unbeatable holiday style.

The Tweed Striped Blazer is timeless and will complement any piece in your closet. Be it worn with jeans for casual airport style or the High Waist Wide Leg Pants for black-tie soirees. Layer with the Tweed Striped Scarf for nonchalant-chic. 
Throw it On
The classic beauty of a well-cut coat is globally appreciated. The Tweed Striped Long Blazer works for both day and night. In addition to its practical construction, the supple textile folds into compact spaces without creasing.
Regal & Ready
Gone are the days of fussy eveningwear. Instead look to the elegant minimalism of the Organza Top for all your evening excursions. Pair with the High Waist Tapered Pants for a full black look.
Gala Icon
The Two Tone Fitted Gown is a prime example of subtle elegance combined with art inspired evening wear. Its architectural construction and lightweight textile make it a unique choice for the holiday season.
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