Bouguessa Presents "Signature by Bouguessa”

Bouguessa is proud to announce the launch of its new line ‘Signature by Bouguessa’. A line focusing on easy-to-wear separates and essentials for the modern woman.

How it happened…

The Signature by Bouguessa new line comes at an exciting time in the brand’s journey, with the launch of Bouguess’s first resort collection on November and the primary ready-to-wear lines which focus on elegant ready-to-wear styles for the modern woman. But, this new line is all about ‘essentials. 

What are essentials?

Casual and minimalist abaya styles, comfortable tops and trouser sets and the iconic Classic Long Shirt constitutes ‘essentials’ and are a primary focus of the Signature by Bouguessa line. It’s about offering women the chance to be elegant in easy-to-wear pieces at all hours, whether it’s lounging or running errands. 

The Signature by Bouguessa line will also showcase individual styles throughout the year that will celebrate moments such as Ramadan & Eid festivities.
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