A Mindful Voyage

Immerse yourself into Bouguessa Spring Summer 19.

Close your eyes. 
Feel the warmth of the morning sun as it fills the room. 
As if in perfect harmony, a soft wind follows urging the curtains to move and waltz. 
Sunrays stretch, finding their way into the room, beaming upon the hardwood floor. 
In this moment, time stands still as your soul finds itself. 
Inspired by this unique moment of wellbeing, the spring summer collection transports you in a dreamlike state that awakens your senses.

The designs imply ample and elegant volumes that offer freedom of movement for the body to express itself. The silhouettes are sophisticated and structured with a tonal colour story carried throughout. 

Minimalist yet imperial, the collection answers to the needs of a woman – specifically her will to be active and free but always elegant.

The choice of material protects and freshens the body. Soft cotton and lightweight linen echo the soothing comfort of a warm morning, whilst tones of terracotta, white and beige, reflect the serenity and bliss of nature.

Open your eyes and continue this voyage of the senses as you discover the Bouguessa Spring Summer 2019 collection
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